If a picture is worth 1,000 words, What is worth 1,000 pictures?®

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If a picture is worth 1000 words, What is worth 1000 pictures? *

Moving to the West Coast after a lifetime on the East Coast, I combined seemingly unrelated professions and experiences to start my first business at the age of 75.

As a Child - I received a wooden "puzzle map" of South America. To this day, I remember the feel of each piece in my hands - Brazil a squashed circle bigger than my palm, Argentina a long triangle, Chile a thin strip. Feeling each country in my hands ingrained their shapes and locations in my mind, so when I entered elementary school, this was the only continent I knew by heart.

As a Journalist - I traveled a lot with paper maps, but found them of limited use with terrain. I still remember vividly the abrupt end to the flat plains of the Middle West for the soaring peaks of the Mountain West, not to mention a white-knuckle drive through an unmarked canyon.

As a Teacher - I was drawn to students unable to succeed in the visual/verbal world of "No Child Left Behind” – whose eyes lit up when they had something to "do" (touch, build, create) with their hands. Research shows that these "Kinesthetic Learners" (mostly boys) are the ones most often "left behind."

As a Sculptor  - I started thinking there was something I could do about this disconnect. By adding topography and hydrology to flat geography, people could gain a better understanding of the diversity of the earth - and become more aware of how different locations challenge different cultures.

As a Mother – I was delighted to partner with my geochemist daughter on "consilience" of art & science – also encountered through community participation in projects of the Art Science Fusion Dept. at UC Davis and by attending shows of consilience-based art at the Pence Gallery in Davis, CA.

As an Artist - I love knowing my work is not only seen, but touched - not out-of-reach on walls, but available on desks and tables, in homes and at work - covered with fingerprints.

- Marcia Ruth

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