If a picture is worth 1,000 words, What is worth 1,000 pictures?®

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If a picture is worth 1000 words, What is worth 1000 pictures? *

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Transforming how we know our world

Sculptural Art for home and office
Educational Materials for schools

Started with "California" in 2013 - now available in 4 sizes - framed & un-framed.
Then locations within California - "Yosemite National Park" and "Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta" - plus first of planned series of "puzzlemaps" - "San Francisco" by neighborhoods.
Started states with neighboring "Pacific Northwest" - Oregon & Washington (together & separately) - expanding to states of "New York" & "Texas" - then first country - "Italy"
Plans for 2016 include "puzzlemap" of "USA" - and meeting requests for additional places.
Ultimate goal is "THE WORLD" - continents & countries, cities & regions.

Maps emerge from series of computer applications
based on public domain data of the United States Geological Survey -
showing "topography" in consistent elevations of 1,000 ft. (500 ft. at sea level)
​and "hydrology" of major lakes and rivers.
Made of birch plywood, multiple layers are laser-cut, then hand-assembled.

​Kinesthetic Reality​

After the invention of photography, "realism" fell out of fashion in the visual arts. Then computers turned "touch" of real objects into "swipes" on a screen - transforming the meaning of "3-D" from reality to illusion. Meanwhile, "Kinesthetic Learning" has almost disappeared from public educations, focused almost entirely on visual/verbal skills.  Combining art and science through technology - "consilience" -  Kinesthetic Classics can begin to restore our relationship to "reality" with geography.

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